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The world’s most affordable, dependable
and durable horse exercise machine!

Based on over 16 years of product refinement, the IronGate Evolution Series Land Walkers deliver race and sale yard results!

NEW – Evolution 3 Land Walker!
12 Months of research and development brings to market IronGate’s newest Land Walker built to outlast all others and withstand the toughest environments – The Evolution 3 Land Walker

New design features include:

  • Higher inner and outer races
  • Higher dividers with longer hanging rubber
  • Stronger more robust centre drive
  • One greasing point to service complete drive assembly
  • Proximity switch for stop and start at gate
  • Most efficient machine on the market drawing less than a light bulb (0.4 amps)

So confident of the Evolution 3, IronGate have extended the warranty to a full 2 YEARS!,
Offering a superior machine and best of all… NO PRICE INCREASE!

Still boasting all the original features
that make it the best choice:

  • Safe, silent & efficient to run thanks to the new robust centre drive
  • Designed with the horse’s safety as a priority
  • Maximise your horse’s potential
  • Increase handler safety and reduce OH&S issues
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Low maintenance design and construction
  • Durable, fully hot dipped galvanised construction
  • New centre gate access
  • Available in 5-6-8-10-12 horse as standard. Other sizes available on request
  • 10-20 meter diameter – Check out our Walker Sizes
  • Available with or without roof
  • 24 month warranty
  • Exceptional Australia wide product support and maintenance

Check out the Rubber Walking Mat and Roofing options to complete your installation.

IronGate Walk to Win!

Walker Sizes

  • 5 Horse – 10 Metre (the smallest of our Evolution 3 range)
  • 6 Horse – 12 Metre
  • 8 Horse – 16 Metre
  • 10 Horse – 16 Metre
  • 10 Horse – 20 Metre
  • 12 Horse – 20 Metre 
  • Other sizes available upon request

Rubber Walking Mats

  • The result of years of research & testing
  • Hard wearing quality rubber walking surface
  • Non-slip, cushioning properties to greatly benefit your horses
  • 24 month guarantee
  • Installed so they won’t move, but easily replaced

IronGate walking surface mats are made from high quality rubber, made here in Australia. The mats offer superior UV stability, a safe non-slip surface, and more importantly, better shock absorbing properties to greatly benefit your horses for a longer time.

Beware of inferior grade rubber mats that feel great when installed, but quickly lose their shock absorption properties under heavy use and direct sunlight. Our mats are guaranteed for 24 months, but will last for several years in most cases (dependent and the number of horses being walked daily).

Available for all size walkers and easily replaced, it’s no wonder they’re used by many leading trainers and studs!

IronGate Walk to Win!


Roofing options:

  • Fully covered walking area
  • Offers protection from UV & harsh weather for both your horses & mats
  • Roof mounted lights & fans can greatly assist in horse safety & comfort
  • Certified to a wind rating of 160km per hour

IronGate roofing is made from Australian made and respected high grade ‘Colorbond’ sheeting. The structure is galvanised with quality welded joins and is wind rated to 160km per hour. Apart from the obvious benefits, the roof will also prolong the life of your walking mats. All this adds up to a roofing solution that can withstand the harshest environmental conditions for years to come.

Lights and fans can be easily installed to the roof structure, offering improved safety and comfort to your horses and staff. Add to this, the benefits of gutters and downpipes to catch stormwater and you have the perfect way to cap off your IronGate walker.

The standard ‘bus shelter’ style of roofing is open in the middle but fully covers the walking area and is available for all size walkers. You can also opt to cover the centre.

Please be aware council approval may be required.

IronGate Walk to Win!